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Children's Programs

BRIGHT BEGINNINGS – Early Intervention Program for Ages Birth through 5 years

Young children with visual impairments face special challenges as they develop and grow. Special early intervention services can give a child the help he or she needs to lead a successful, self-sufficient life. This program also gives parents and caregivers the tools they need to help a child reach critical developmental stages that are normally achieved through visual interaction with the world. Early intervention services are offered at the Lighthouse, or in the child's own natural environment—for instance the child’s home, daycare, or at another therapy provider’s location.

The David and Jean Colker KIDS Program – Keys to Independence for Ages 6 through 13 years

The David and Jean Colker KIDS Program is a summer camp and after school program for children ages 6 through 13. The KIDS summer camp is offered at the Lighthouse of Broward’s downtown location as well as off-site. It is a place to learn while having fun. Activities include arts and crafts, swimming, skating, martial arts, creating a talent show, visits to parks and museums and more. Through these activities as well as short classroom sessions, children learn safe travel skills, age-appropriate cooking and self-care techniques, Braille, use of computers, and polite social interaction and self-advocacy.

The KIDS after-school program provides specially planned group Saturday or vacation day programs and for frail children unable to attend regular classroomes, the program provides year-round therapy and parent support. Specific attention is given to the unmet needs of visually impaired children, as defined in the National Agenda for Education of Children and Youths with Visual Impairments, Including Those with Multiple Disabilities.
These needs include age-appropriate safe outdoor travel, Braille or use of magnifiers and other low vision devices to read and write efficiently, computers and other high-tech assistive devices, cooking and self-care techniques, and recreational activities that provide the opportunity to interact with other children and successful visually impaired adults who serve as role models.

The KIDS after-school program also serves an important function for parents, helping them to become more aware of the true potential of their visually impaired child and offering the opportunity to meet other parents for support, advocacy and solutions to shared problems.