General Information about Our Services

The Lighthouse of Broward has provided a steadily expanding continuum of training and rehabilitation geared to blind or visually impaired children, youth, working age adults and elders. Initially primarily a recreation and social program for seniors with vision impairment, the Lighthouse today is a full service, comprehensive, nationally accredited, Charity Navigator 4 Star organization. All services are tailored to individual needs by trained professionals working with the adult who has lost sight or the parent and visually impaired child to identify the exact skills that will lead to maximum independent functioning.

The Lighthouse’s mission is “To provide the leadership, services, advocacy, and resources necessary to enhance the lives of people who are blind and visually impaired in Broward County and empower them to live independent, healthy, employed, and fulfilling lives.”

Core Services of the Lighthouse are divided into two areas—a Children’s Program and an Adult Program. In March, 2010 the Lighthouse added three new services to the adult program: a job readiness and entrepreneurship program leading to successful job searches and competitive employment for blind or visually impaired adults; an outreach program to increase referrals of blind persons of all ages and build networks leading to job opportunities for blind adults; and an access technology bank of equipment for loan to individuals preparing for competitive employment.